Thursday, June 12, 2014

Phone Pics: April & May 2014

Now that we’ve got these handy, dandy iPhones, it’s pretty easy to snap a billion pictures a day all while leaving the real camera safely in it’s case. And while I’m doing my fair share of filling up your Facebook and Instagram feeds, there are plenty of post worthy (IMHO) pics that never make it out of my phone.

So for our family documentation purposes, I’m going to try and upload pictures from our phones on a monthly basis.  Here are a few of my favorites from the months of April and May!






























Nora: 7 & 8 Months

Welp, I’m surprised it took me this long, but I didn’t get around to posting about month 7 until we were half way through month 8. So instead of trying to backtrack to month 7, I’ve combined the two here. Read on to see how much Nora has grown and learned in the past two months!



Weight/Length: about 17 pounds. I think she just finished a major growth spurt!

Medical Issues: She still has that little bump above her eyebrow, but our pediatrician (the third one now) assures me it’s nothing to worry about and should go away on it’s own. Hope so! Other than that, Nora has been a healthy, healthy baby, and we are so thankful.


Sleep: Nora typically takes 2 naps a day. The first one about 1.5 – 2 hours after waking and the other around 3ish. She usually goes down really easily, and sleeps for an hour and a half or so. Of course, there are still days where she wakes after 45ish minutes or fights sleep or whatever. Nothing is set in stone!

Despite great napping, it’s been a rough month or so of nighttime sleep, waking most nights every 3-4 hours and wanting to eat before going back to sleep.  Possibly a growth spurt? However, just this past Saturday, right before her 8 month birthday, she went to bed at 7, woke to eat at 10:30 and then slept without a peep until 8:30! It was amazing, especially since I no longer felt the need to keep going in and checking her breathing and actually got to sleep too! The nights since haven’t been that great, but we seem to be back down to just one middle of the night feeding. (Update: Last night she slept from 8 to 5, ate and then slept until 8:45! Woohoo!)


Diet: She’s still breastfeeding, and we’re continuing to add more and more solids. I’ve finally been cooking a little more now that we’re getting settled in our house, and she’s had just about everything that we eat. I even got her to eat oatmeal by mixing it with blueberry Greek yogurt, which seems to be one of her favs. (What a mess!) She also loves puffs! When I get them out and shake them for her, she gets really excited, shaking her hands and squealing. Other hits are black beans, toast fingers with mashed avocado or hummus, and oranges. Her pincher grasp is so good, and just this week, I was really impressed when she was picking up single black beans and popping them in her mouth like a pro.

She had a week or so where she wasn’t interested in solids (maybe teething related?), but she seems to be back on track. It’s a little bit tricky, though, because I have to time the solids when she isn’t too hungry. Otherwise, she’ll just fuss wanting milk and not really have much to do with the food on her plate. Between milk and solids, it seems like we spend half our day eating.

She’s also doing pretty well with a sippy cup, and she took 3 ounces of milk out of one last Sunday. She also really liked the cup when it was full of prune juice to help her tummy. I offer water sometimes just to practice with the cup, and she’s getting better and better but still needs help holding it.


Milestones:  Oh my! What a couple of months full of milestones! She’s crawling (fast) all over the place, and I love to make her crawl as much as I can. It’s so cute! She loves when I get down and crawl with her and make her chase me down the hallway!

She’s also pulling up on anything and everything, and takes pretty good steps when someone is holding her hands and walking along with her. She kicks her little legs out really big when she steps, and it’s also one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Smile The girl will be walking soon!


She also found her voice this month and is so loud at times! I think she just likes to hear the sound of her voice! In addition to the hollering, she says dadada and gagaga, and I swear she tries to say “Hi!” when she sees someone new.

Finally, she cut her first tooth (bottom incisor) during month 8, and the second one is working it’s way up now too. I can’t believe how big she’s getting!

She’s also starting to try and clap and say Yay and wave, but I wouldn’t say that she’s mastered those skills yet! Won’t be long, though!


Likes: going on walks, seeing new people especially kids, Puffs, her Baby Einstein Activity Table, music, grabbing faces, remotes, standing and looking out the sliding door in our bedroom, iPhones, her Mom and Dad Smile


Dislikes: Bibs, having her hands and face cleaned off, water in her face during bath time, getting too tired, diaper changes or anything that requires her to be still and/or on her back!


Other: I think she’s starting to have a little bit of separation anxiety. Just this past week when we’ve left her in the church nursery and the gym nursery, they’ve had to come get us because she’s upset. Once we’re there, she’s fine. Sometimes even at home, she melts down when one of us leaves the room. I guess she just likes her little family altogether. (me too, Nora!) We’re going to keep trying with the nursery, though. I imagine it’s just a phase. After 8 months I’m finally learning not to get too anxious about something because it usually changes just as fast as it started.  (Update: She made it the full hour this morning!)

Nicknames: Chicky, Neeny, Neeny Bopper, Nori and Nor, The Ninja


Mama’s Thoughts: Just when I think I can’t possibly love her more, Nora starts doing something new and reveals just a little more of her sweet little personality, and my heart grows even bigger and more full of love. Although some days can be long, especially when the Dad works late, or more fussy than others, I’m so thankful that I’m able to spend my days with this precious girl. She brings so much joy to our lives, and we love her so very, very much!