Thursday, May 29, 2014

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning

After about a week of not wanting to have much to do with solids (I think the culprit was her first tooth popping up!), Nora has had a week of good eats! It's so fun and convenient that I can just give her whatever I'm having, and we really enjoy our mommy/daughter breakfasts and lunches. Of course, it's a giant mess, but I imagine spoon feeding wouldn't be much better. Thankfully, it's  warm weather time so we forgo clothing for most of the meals ( the baby, not the mom ;)) and save ourselves from stains. I always think she eats so much until I get  her out of the seat, empty the bib and look around at the floor! But her pincher grasp and hand eye coordination has already greatly improves since we started solids a little less than 2 months ago, and I think she's doing a great job! Here some messy pics of a few of the new things she's tried lately!

Quinoa, green beans and chick peas drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with cumin and nut meg. Yum!

Mom's homemade spinach, turkey lasagna, green beans and mushrooms followed by raspberries for dessert! The noodles were a little tough for her to handle but the lasagna filling was a hit.

Quinoa with a little bit of melted muenster cheese paired with carrots and hummus. She loves the hummus for now, but Poppy says she'll change her mind. Mama says no way! ;)

Whole wheat tortillas filled with avocado, spinch, tomato, cheese and chicken capped off with oranges for dessert. These worked great for her because the quesadilla was easy to pick up, but the yummy stuff inside was small and easy handle. 

So far she's not an oatmeal addict like her mom, but does better if we have Greek yogurt or eggs for breakfast. However, my mind must not work in the morning because I have no pictures!

I want to focus on whole, healthy foods and avoid as much sugar and processed stuff as possible while also trying to not be too crazy about what goes into her mouth. (She got to try graham crackers at Grandma Angie's!) However, It definitely has me reading every label closely (why is high fructose corn syrup needed in cottage cheese?) and trying to watch what I eat myself since she wants everything I have! (Either that or hide while eating ;))

I'm definitely looking forward to more adventures in baby led weaning and lots of juicy, refreshing summer produce!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pulling Up

At just shy of 7 months, Nora is pulling up! I was shocked yesterday morning when I looked on the monitor and saw that Nora was standing in her crib! I went in and helped her lie back down only to go back out, pick up the monitor and watch her do it all over again! I couldn't believe it! She hasn't pulled up on anything else yet, but she's certainly trying...her high chair, the coffee table, my leg. I thought she was getting close to crawling, but who knows? Maybe she'll go straight to walking... A lot sooner than I imagined! I need to get to baby proofing!