Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas in Madrid

We ventured out last Friday evening to walk around the center of Madrid and see all the Christmas lights and markets that have overtaken the city. With the chilly weather, stands selling roasted chestnuts and tons of Christmas lights brightening the night, it definitely was a nice way to kick off the holiday season! But oh my goodness, the amount of people in Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor was ridiculous! I vaguely remember the crowds from when we did the same type of little outing last year, but we weren’t trying to navigate it all with a stroller. (We probably made several stops for wine last year as well. Winking smile) What a difference that makes! Nora was great, though, and stayed all warm in cozy in her stroller until we pushed her to the limits, and she was ready to get out of that seat.

It’s nice to see the city all decorated for the Christmas season (and we even knocked a few Christmas gifts off our list!), but we can’t wait to get home and experience all the festivities with our family! Less than one week!



PC065176Marshmallow Matthews

PC065179The tree in Sol


PC065181Soooo many people!



PC065188Too bad Nora’s not quite old enough for the carousel!

PC065190Back at home and glad to be out of that puffy suit!

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