Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rollin’ with My Homies

At just 3 months and 2 days old, Nora rolled over this morning! I knew she was getting close, and from watching her, thought she was trying to go from back to front, which is the opposite of how the majority of babies usually roll for the first time. She finally did it…twice!

I think the milestones from here on are going to come quickly….too quickly! What happened to our tiny fat baby? Everybody says how quickly time flies, but you don’t truly understand until you have a little one who changes so much so fast. And even then you don’t realize it until it starts happening. Wish I had truly understood that during the very first weeks when some days and nights felt like they were going to go on forever. You live, you learn.

What a big, growing girl we have!

PS: Maybe this also explains why she was up every 3-4 hours last night! She needed a little extra mama milk for her big milestone this morning!

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