Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little Baby Laugh

Nora has had a few tentative little laughs, and I finally caught it on camera! You have to be sneaky with the camera because if she sees it, her attention switches from whatever cute little thing you’re trying to capture to watching the phone.

One of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard. I can’t watch it without laughing myself!

PS: Her first laugh was at about midnight or 1 am on Sunday, January 9. We’d been at Jose Carlos’s house for his birthday party, and Nora fell asleep in the Boba on the way home. Once we got home, we laid her on the changing table, and I was telling Luke, “Let’s just change her, feed her and try to put her straight to bed. Don’t talk to her too much or play with her.” She just looked up at us from the changing table and did that little laugh…kinda like “Yeah, right! That’s what you think is going to happen!” Ha! Despite the laugh, though, she did go straight to sleep and slept 7-8 hours straight that night!

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