Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nora’s First Fourth

We kicked off our Fourth of July 2014 by attending our neighborhood parade. It was much bigger than we expected and was so much fun. Luke and I drank coffee and met a few neighbors while Nora sat in her stroller the whole time and happily watched all the action around her. It was really nice to feel a part of our local community, and we’ll definitely make this a part of our Fourth of July tradition going forward.







After the parade was over, we followed the parade route down to the rec center. There were lots of booths set up for local businesses and community groups, food trucks offering ice cream and snow cones, pony rides and a petting zoo!






Back at home, we got ready for Chandler and Leslie and Anna and Zach to come over for swimming, corn hole and turkey burgers! Nora wore a onesie that said “My First Fourth” that she got from Molly, and Luke loved making the hilarious joke that “We’d have to forgive her; it’s her first fourth.” For example, after she makes a giant mess eating, Luke says “You’ll have to forgiver her, it’s her first fourth.” If you know Luke, you know he used it at every possible opportunity. Smile 

We had so much fun that the camera didn’t make it out much, so I’ll leave you with the one picture that I did take – a corn hole action shot. Happy 4th of July!


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