Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nora: 11 Months

P9096943The monthly sticker didn’t last long this month!

Weight/Length: Still hanging out right around the 18 lb mark.

Medical Issues: Nora had her first ear infection this month. Luckily, it cleared up pretty quickly after starting the antibiotics and hasn’t returned. And it’s a good thing too because I don’t want to have to give her amoxicillin again any time soon; she detested it.

Sleep: Still taking 2 naps a day on most days, although she’s started resisting that first nap on occasion. When that happens, the evenings are fussy and short because she’s ready for bed earlier than usual.

On a good night, Nora goes to bed easily around 7:30 – 8:30 and sleeps until around 6ish. Then she eats and goes right back to sleep for another 1.5 – 2 hours. Unfortunately, that’s not every night, and the other nights are terrible worse with more night wake ups and early morning (like before 6) risings. I can’t complain about the good nights, though. Eventually she’ll be a consistent sleeper, right? Winking smile 


Diet: Breastfeeding 3ish times per day (sometimes 4, other times just 2) and eating lots of solids. She still hates meat but loves cheese, yogurt, avocado and raisins. Some days it seems like she’s starving and will eat anything I put in front of her; other days she wants nothing to do with any food (I wish I had days like that!) She seems to be growing and thriving, though, so I imagine it’s all normal, and she’s getting what she needs.

P9096945She also loves eating paper!

Milestones:  She’s walking like a pro, and most people can’t believe it when I tell them how old she is. She’s basically running at this point. And she looks like a little baby doing it!

She’s imitating lots of sounds and saying lots of words. She says mama, dada, fish, duck, and trash to name a few. She also waves and says “Hi” as we’re out and about and see people.


This month I am really starting to notice that she understands what I say to her. If I ask where a toy is, she’ll go look for it and point or bring it to me. She understands when I ask her if she wants milk or wants to go outside and whines until she gets it.

She also started Mother’s Day Out two days a week just before turning 11 months old. She goes to a little church near our house on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 –3 .  It’s been a little bit of a transition. We’ve had a few drop offs with lots of crying, and last week one of the teachers told me that she basically cried all day. This week, she seems to be doing better, though. I’ve been sending a few familiar toys and a lovey with her, so I think that’s helping. And I think it’s just going to take a little time to get used to the new surroundings and people. I think she’s a little bit sensitive to stuff like that, but she’ll adjust and be better (hopefully) for it.

Likes: going on walks, swinging in our tree swing out front (Thanks for hanging it, Luke!), watching big kids, yogurt, raisins, music, dancing, remotes, her lunchbox (she loves to carry it around the house), iPhones, books and reading, going outside, picking up sticks, rocks and acorns.


Dislikes: Bibs, having her hands and face cleaned off,  diaper changes, sun butter, having her hair rinsed.

Nicknames: Chicky Girl, Neeny, Nori and Nor,

Mama’s Thoughts: I wish I could bottle up so many moments and feelings from this stage so that I’ll be sure to never ever forget. She’s the sweetest little chick, and while she’s a mobile, wild woman that can’t be stopped and loves to dig through cabinets and drawers, unroll toilet paper, and carry around random household products, she still likes to be held and is a little bit of a cuddler, especially right after she wakes up. My absolute favorite thing that she does right now is when I crouch down and open my arms really wide and call for her to come to me, she’ll come barreling right into my arms, pause and lay her head on my shoulder for a quick hug before she’s off to play again. I hope she never stops loving hugs.

With just one month to go until One, I already find myself feeling pretty emotional about it at times. It’s truly amazing how quickly the months have passed. And while I look forward  to watching her grow, eventually weaning, and being able to do more and more with her, it’s a little bit sad that she’ll never be this little again, and a giant piece of me doesn’t want her to stop needing me. (Hopefully that won’t really happen anytime soon) We’ve been so thoroughly and continuously connected for the past year. The thought of that changing is a little bit liberating and exciting but mostly scary and anxiety inducing. Luckily, she’s all mine for at least 17 more years. Smile 

I’ll be back next month (because apparently the only time I blog these days is these monthly updates) with an update on our big ONE year old girl and a recap of our birthday celebrations.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12

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