Monday, December 29, 2014

Halloween 2014

Nora was just a tiny thing on her first Halloween in 2013, and we were in Madrid where it’s not as widely celebrated as it is here in the US so we didn’t wear orange and black or even take a picture. (In fact, like many of those early days, I don’t remember it at all.) So while it is technically her 2nd Halloween, it was her first to dress up and have lots of fun! In fact, we had a couple of different outfits to wear during the week of Halloween. Not sure why since I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, but she sure looked cute and festive!



On Halloween evening, we went out to our cul-de-sac where our neighbors host their annual Halloween cook-out. When Nora woke up for her nap that day and saw all the people outside our front window, she got so excited. We hurried to get her costume on so that we could go out to join in on the fun as soon as Dad got home!




Nora was a flamenco dancer for her first second Halloween. Somehow amidst the chaos of an international move, Luke and I managed to remember to buy her costume (dress, shoes, bow, fan – the whole package!) before leaving Madrid. She was the cutest little dancer I’ve ever seen and managed to walk in her heels like she’d been doing it her whole life! (I think she really liked the tapping sound when she walked across hard surfaces!)




We stayed outside for a couple of hours where Nora got to play with the big girls and see all the crazy costumes. (She was not fond of a big guy in a bear mask!) We didn’t go trick or treating this year since she’s still so young but still managed to have plenty of fun!



Once the sun went down and the fire pit got going, the baby got sleepy and the mama got tired of making sure she didn’t get too close to the fire. I took Nora in and got her to bed, and then joined Luke and the neighbors back in the circle (baby monitor in hand!) for some more fun. Seriously, our sweet girl makes every holiday more fun!

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