Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

It's Monday morning, and the whole cycle is starting over. But what a good, low-key weekend we had! Our last couple of weekends have been really relaxing, and it's good. It leaves me feeling rested and refreshed instead of feeling like I need a few days to recoup from the craziness of the weekend. Friday night, the Call brothers spent the night with us. We devoured some delicious Tex-Mex at Mattitos, and then watched the Kentucky Wildcats upset Ohio State! Woo-hoo! Because of that upset, I'm now in first place in the bracket pool we've got going here at work. Now I just need Kentucky to beat UConn to call it a victory. Go Wildcats! On Saturday, I got up for early morning bootcamp and then came back to lay by the pool. We decided to have an impromptu family cookout at our house. Dad, Mom, Jeff, Meg, Shelby, Coleman, Anna and Stephanie headed over, and we cooked out hamburgers and had a nice little evening. The food was fine, but the company was better. Sunday morning we woke up to cloudy skies and much cooler temperatures. It felt more like Fall than Spring, but it was perfect for a lazy Sunday. Everyone but Mom and Dad spent the night with us on Saturday night to avoid a late night drive back to NRH, so Luke made chocolate-chip pancakes for the whole gang. Shortly after breakfast, the Pecks packed up and headed home, and we proceeded to have a very lazy day. Finally around 3 o'clock, I found the motivation to do some quick straightening/cleaning so that we wouldn't start the week with a nasty dirty house, and Luke helped out by folding 3 baskets of laundry that I'd been putting off for at least a week. Then we headed out for a Sunday evening church service. This is the 2nd time that we've attended Watermark and so far we're liking it. Last week, we went to the 9 am Sunday service, but it's nice that they offer the 5:30 pm service for those Sundays when you can't make it out early for whatever reason. Last night they just showed a video tape of the early morning service. It's not always like that, but last night the pastor needed to be at home with his family and was unable to make it. Anyway, it was still a good service, and we were glad we went. Finding a church where Luke and I both feel comfortable has been really heavy on my heart lately, so I'm hoping that Watermark is the answer to my prayers. Hopefully, we'll continue to go and enjoy it and find a worship "plan" that works well for our little family. After church, we went to eat dinner at a Spanish Tapas restaurant called Si It was really good and cozy and perfect for a cool Sunday evening. We shared some vino tinto and munched on olives, Spanish tortilla, croquetas, empanadas and roasted red peppers. Luke called most everything that we had "soothing," kind of like Spanish comfort food. It was a great cap on the 'ken. After dinner, we were able to catch the last few minutes of the OKC Thunder game and then turned in early. And that brings us back here to Monday morning. I'm starting a new session of bootcamp tonight and praying that my back holds out for the whole four weeks. That's about the only thing going on for us this week other than the regular day-to-day stuff, but we're looking forward to a golf tournament/girl's day next weekend and more warm Spring weather.

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