Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paris - Day 3

Day 3 was a rainy day in Paris. First, we strolled through the Latin Quarter, which was one of my favorite little neighborhoods. Paris is a really big city, so at times it felt really overwhelming and like there was no way we could ever see it all.  The Latin Quarter, though, was pretty small with narrow, cozy streets and that made it seem much more manageable to me. Also, the streets were lined with restaurant after restaurant, most of them displaying their rotisseries in the store front, so everything looked really warm and inviting on a rainy, chilly day.  After the Latin Quarter, we saw the Conciergerie, which is a former prison where Marie Antoinette and other famous people were held before being sent to the guillotine, and Sainte Chapelle,  which was full of colorful stained glass and, in my opinion, the most beautiful cathedral that we saw in Paris.  Again, the museum pass came in super handy this day as we literally walked to the front of an extremely long line of people standing in the rain for the Conciergerie, and Rick Steve's guide didn't fail us either as he offered bits and pieces of information about each of our stops. 

After seeing these two sights and because of the chilly, damp weather, we pretty much cafe hopped the day away, but we did happen upon a beautiful sunset just as we were crossing the Seine River.  It was a good, good day. Here it is in pictures:

Cafe stop for some Olympic watching. Along with Spain and the US, we watched the 2012 Olympics in 3 countries!

Luke trying to take a pic where it looked like I was coming out of the glass. I'm a genie in a bottle pint glass.

Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle took only 6 years to build, which was unheard of in those times. Notre Dame took over 200!

The ceiling of Sainte Chapelle.
Climbing up the windy stairs at Sainte Chapelle.

Beautiful Stained glass covered the cathedral. As we learned through our Rick Steve's guide, from the life of Moses to the crucifixion of Jesus to the coming Judgment Day, many of the glass panels depicted a different Biblical story for a total of more than 1,100 scenes. Very cool!

The biggest beer ever. I'm glad we shared!

Super excited about warming up with his bowl of French onion soup.

Crossing the Seine River.

Sunset as we passed back over the Seine.

More snails!

Concentration is key. They were slippery little guys!
And now I'm off for a meeting about finally getting started on some Spanish lessons, so the rest of Paris will have to wait. (I know, I know. The suspense is killing you!) Wish me luck! :)


  1. Such beautiful pictures of the inside of the cathedral, do you have any more? The stained glass contains so much emotion

    -Solomon Berkovitch

  2. I agree. It was really very neat when I (along with the help of my guide book) was able to pick out one of the stories in the glass. Unfortunately, I don't have any other good pics.