Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's All Greece to Me: Paros Day 2

Day 2 in Paros started fairly early for us because we rented a 4-wheeler and wanted to make the most of it.  Before we began our journey, we stopped for breakfast where we fell in love with Greek yogurt, honey, muesli and summer fruit all mixed together. Luke was jealous of my order, but lucky for him, I like to share. Then we rode all over the island stopping to check out several beaches and small villages.  I think this was my favorite day in Paros (and not just because of the breakfast). We got to see so much, and it really was a blast both to ride and drive.  The open air created such a cool breeze, but we could still feel the warm sun on our backs.  Although, it was quite chilly on the way home.  We started back as the sun set trying to arrive safely in Naoussa before dark, and we nearly made it. :) Again, we spent the evening dining in a cute little taverna near the marina, and then we sat and people watched and even happened upon some live music while enjoying a couple more refreshments. Since I have so many pictures to share from this day, I'll let them tell the rest of the story. 

Ready to ride after a memorable breakfast!

Our first beach stop! Love the mountains in the distance!

To be on that yacht would be quite nice.

The water was so clear!

Why hello there, giant drift wood. I'd like to decorate my Nantucket cottage with you.

No diving in the shallow waters!


Lunch break. Mussels in marinara and some fried thing that wasn't very good.


I love abandoned sailboats...

especially ones with naturally distressed paint.

This was just an old rocky road that we decided to turn down that ended up leading to really pretty views of the water. After Luke secretly took this picture of me, we thought it looked like Mars (or at least how we picture Mars to look.)

Awesome old turquoise iron door. With old shutters and doors galore, this little village was like walking through a naturally occurring antique store (where you weren't allowed to buy a thing)!

Pomegranate tree.

We sat and had a coffee near this cool green door and old brick wall. Although I tried my hardest, I never could get a picture that did the uniqueness justice. This one shows the colors,

this one includes more of the branches growing around and on top of the building,

and this one shows the grapes organically growing from the branches.

We must have taken 150 pictures of this vibrant, pink tree. The color was amazing.

A church in the tiny village square.

White walls + blue doors + stone paved walkway = Paros.

Traveler's tip #1: When you find a tiny door, crouch down and take a picture in front of it.

More of the vibrant pink tree. See how the color is reflected on the white wall!

Glamour shot of our favorite tree in Paros.

Checking out the grapes. They looked normal and tasted pretty good too!

Final vibrant pink tree shot. We will miss you!
We made a quick stop at a beach club.

where Luke took pictures of random people while I was in the restroom.

Finally a couple's pic! Dinner here was very good, but I can't recall the name of it. Maybe it started with Alpha? It was something in Greek. I know that much. :)

Couple's pic #2. We were really on a roll that night!

Live Greek music.

I'll leave you to enjoy the Greek music for yourself (please pardon the bad lighting) until I'm back with day 3 in Paros, which took us on a journey down the Byzantine Road. Opa!

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