Thursday, November 1, 2012

29 Feels just Fine.

I turned 29 in September. Weird. I don't feel that old. But I think that's how everyone feels. When will I start to feel my age? Hopefully, never. I had a great day and got lots of love from Luke in Spain and from our families back in the USA. 

Wine and a decanter...Pretty green earrings...An antique French baguette cabinet...A cool potted plant for our apartment...Two types of manzanilla sleepy time teas....Luke showered me with gifts, and then took me to a nice dinner at a restaurant near us called Divina La Cocina.

Vanna White pose with my presents from my thoughtful hubby.
Although it was strange not getting to celebrate with family, I got lots of cards, gifts and even some moolah that made me feel so special and remembered. I especially loved the handmade cards that I received from the Peck family. They're such a creative clan....all 4 (soon to be 5!) of them!

Modeling my OKC Thunder shirt from the Matthews family. I'll wear it proudly as long as they aren't playing the Mavs. :)
Spanish flag and torro card by Jeff. Superman by Coleman. Sweetest letter ever by Shelby.
Thank you all so much for remembering me and making me feel so loved. It always means so much to me but even more so during this time when we're so far away from our loved ones. Love you all so much!

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