Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rain Boots: A City Life Necessity

Is it weird that I've actually gotten to the point where I like seeing rain in the forecast so that I have a reason to pull out my rain boots? For my birthday last year, I asked for emailed Luke a link to the original green Hunter rain boots that I wanted, and he got them for me. Surprise! 

I wore them in the snow when we went skiing last year and tried to wear them a time or two at home when it rained but felt a little bit silly.  They don't make much sense, even when it rains, if you're not spending some time outside; they're a little big and bulky if they're only of use on the short walk between the car and your destination, which was normally my situation at home. Here, though, they're awesome. I walk a lot every single day, rain or shine. These babies keep my feet dry, and I can go on my merry way, stomping through puddles, without worry of soaking the bottom of my pants (or wondering if that was really only rain water I stepped in.) Not to mention, the green brightens a cloudy day, and because they're quite popular here, make me feel super stylish and trendy. 

I've been on the lookout lately for new tops that I can pair with leggings or skinny jeans and my green boots. After purchasing a couple of shirts/sweaters, a denim shirt and a green, cozy scarf and pulling out a red rain jacket that I had completely forgotten about, I've finally pulled together a pretty cool collection of rainy day attire. I've already happily worn these green boots multiple times, making them totally worth the pretty penny we spent on them. Bring on the rain, Spain!


And just because I saw this while walking around today in my cozy green rain boots...

that little white label comes at a premium. Whoops!

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