Friday, November 2, 2012

Pimp Your Pumpkin

On Monday, I went to a pumpkin carving party for the Americanas in Madrid group hosted by Erin Ridley, whose blog is how I first learned of the group. I don't know if I've ever even carved my own pumpkin before, but being out of the U.S.A. without any other Halloween plans, it seemed like the appropriate way to pay homage to the American holiday. 

After purchasing two tiny, decorative pumpkins, I finally stumbled upon a large, carve-able pumpkin just in the nick of time. (There are no pumpkin patches in Madrid, and large pumpkins are a rarity!)
There were about 10-12 girls at the party; some carving, some roasting pumpkin seeds and others providing moral support. Though I completely cut out my pattern the opposite way that you are supposed to (instead of having a stencil, I had a separate mouth, eyes, nose, etc...I've always been a bit backwards), my pumpkin still turned out okay and most of all, I had a great time chatting with native English speakers, sipping red wine and snacking on  homemade goodies.

Thanks to Erin for opening her beautiful apartment to all of us and hosting such a fun night!

Carving in progress.

Blurry pumpkins aglow.

Americanas y calabazas.

My finished product, which actually exceeded my rather low expectations.

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