Monday, September 9, 2013

34 Weeks


How far along? 34 weeks

Due date? October 15, 2013

Weight gain? I haven’t gained much recently (according to my scale), but the tummy is certainly growing. And the doctors tell me our little baby is a little bit bigger than average and has a chubby tummy, so as long as s/he’s growing, I’ll take it.

Exercise? I just returned to the gym for the first time in a while due to all of our travelling. I swam, and it felt awesome. I’ve also been walking and keeping up with the Body by Trimester videos. (Luke’s a champ and will even do the videos with me.)

Maternity clothes? Maternity bottoms all the time, and everything else is a mix of non-maternity/maternity. I just bought a pair of skinny jean legging things to go with boots just in case we get lucky with some cool weather before the baby comes. I’m so lucky to not have to put together a whole new Fall wardrobe of maternity things!

Stretch marks? Not that I’ve seen.

Sleep? Still lots of bathroom breaks and certainly getting tired of only side sleeping. Lately, I’ve experienced really bad pain in my lower abdomen when trying to turn from one side to the other during the night. I think maybe the baby is starting to drop and putting more pressure on bones, ligaments, etc lower than before.

Best moment this week? Having Luke home early from work nearly every evening and a nice relaxing weekend. I’m pretty easy to please these days.

Miss anything? Last week, we went to the park several times during the evening, and all the runners and the nice cool weather definitely made me miss a nice run. Also, being able to bend over, get up and down, and just move easily and comfortably. And wine. I want a bottle all to myself. Winking smile

Movement? Definitely. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a cute little bootie just above my belly button and tiny feet on my right side that sometimes give me big kicks right in the ribs.

Food cravings? If I see a picture of food, it usually makes me want it. For example, an episode of How I Met Your Mother was on last week, and they were eating Chinese food out of the little boxes. I subsequently wanted Chinese food. Fortunately, the cravings typically pass without having to figure out where to find good Chinese food in Madrid.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope. Nada. Zilch.

Other symptoms? Braxton Hicks contractions if I’m on my feet for a long time. Some sore, achy muscles, ligaments, etc. And a little cold/congestion that I think was pregnancy induced.


Have you started to show yet? Of course. Before we went to dinner on Saturday, I wanted to change because I thought the dress I was wearing made me look bigger than I am; it was too flowy. (see pic above.) Luke wouldn’t let me. He said I wasn’t foolin’ anybody no matter what I wore.

Gender prediction? Luke still thinks girl. Last night I dreamed it was a boy, and he was so cute with quite a bit of dark hair. In my dream, we were having a sonogram, but instead of seeing the normal sonogram type pictures, it was like watching a home video or something with a fully dressed, super cute baby boy.

Happy or moody? Happy. Emotional. Nervous and anxious for all that’s to come.

Looking forward to? Starting a couple of prenatal classes on September 21. The lady we are doing them with just does 2 3 hours classes, but it will be better than nothing. A little baby shower that my friend Colleen so graciously decided to host on September 22. And most of all, baby’s arrival (but not too soon!)

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