Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby’s First Bath

After witnessing her disgust for baths while we were still at the hospital (she screamed like crazy and turned beet red!), we were pleasantly surprised when Nora seemed to enjoy her first bath at home. And so far, she continues to tolerate them pretty well, at least until the point where we have to take her out of the water. Despite wrapping her in a nice, warm towel and giving her lots of cozy cuddles, she screams like crazy until we have her dressed again.

Right now, she gets just two baths a week, usually on Saturday/Sunday and Wednesday. The Dad is a pro at getting the water temperature just right and giving a nice, good and quick bath. I decided to try a quick bath on my own this week while Luke ran to pick up dinner and found out the hard way that it’s much easier with four hands instead of just two!


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