Friday, November 22, 2013

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Whether it’s swaying, two-stepping across the living room, walking laps around our apartment, bouncing on the exercise ball or acting as a 10 lb. weight while Daddy does shoulder presses, Nora likes to move! I caught a little sample of this on video a couple of days ago just as we were heading out for a walk. I wish I’d had my phone camera handy sooner because it sure was funny!

PS: The last two days (after a huge epiphany with help from my sister, Meg!) when I’ve been paying better attention to her sleepy signals and trying to catch her before she’s overtired, the movement necessary to get her to sleep or stop crying is significantly less. However, the girl still likes to move!

PPS: I love those big, dark eyes!

PPPS: She eventually fell asleep, and we got out for a nice walk to the park!

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