Friday, November 29, 2013

Little Red Mirror

Before Nora was here, I came across a cute little mirror framed in red buttons that I thought would be a cute little accessory in the nursery (and add a little girly touch if we happened to have a girl!) It was only $10, so I bought it not knowing what we’d do with it and had my mom and dad bring it all the way across the ocean with them.

Once the mirror was here, I originally planned to hang it on a little rack we have just by the doorway where we hang her towels and a few decorative items, but then I had the grand idea to hang it just above the changing table where she can look into it during diaper changes.


Best idea I’ve ever had! I thought it would be a while before she would really notice it, but she immediately started staring at it and loves it! She looks in it the whole time, and it completely changed the way that diaper changes go!

2013-11-08 09.52.03

And sometimes we stay well beyond the diaper change, just talkin’ to that pretty baby in the mirror!

Note: These pictures are from the beginning of November. I tried to post about this from my phone several weeks ago, but the Blogger Ap kept freezing on me.

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